We offer myriad communications services to our clients -- here's a rundown of all we do.

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Media Relations

Our media relations work starts with strategy. When we contact media representatives on behalf of our clients, we look at all possible avenues for our client’s story, we look at what the media’s covering right now and determine how that might intertwine with our client’s story, and then deliver a targeted pitch on our client’s behalf. We then engage in respectfully persistent follow-up, delivering results and ongoing assessments of how the campaign is helping to further the client’s message and reputation.

Writing, Ghostwriting, and Editing

We strive to help our clients say what they precisely want to say. To do this, we tailor our writing and editing services to each client. We can work with a few overarching concepts and create messaging that is mindful of the client’s voice as well as purpose, or we can take a client’s carefully-crafted words and fine tune them for maximum effectiveness. The ghostwriting projects we’ve taken on for clients have been published in a number of major metropolitan daily newspapers and weekly business publications, have been delivered in speeches, and have bolstered companies’ internal communications efforts.

Content Management Services

Though writing is at the core of successful content management, it involves more than that. We integrate strategy into our website content creation, mindful of user experience, SEO (search engine optimiziation), and how the online presence will integrate with and support that client's marketing efforts and goals. Our work in this area includes blog management for a number of clients -- some involving writing, editing, and coordinating posts for an entire team of authors.

Project Management for Books and Cookbooks

We love helping authors and chefs bring their books from concept to market. We can either handle ghostwriting or editing services in-house, or can bring in writers with specialized expertise at your request. We also partner with graphic designers and photographers to oversee the visual components of the book, handle book compliance matters (including copywriting, ISBN and bar code procurement, and Library of Congress filing), and coordinate with printers and distributors to get self-published books to market.

Digital Strategies (for Social Media and Websites)

Communications has shifted dramatically in the past 15 years, making it more and more incumbent on companies and individuals to market themselves via online content. As with our media relations efforts, we start with strategy in helping clients manage their use of social media channels, their websites, and their online interactions with customers.

Front-End Web Development

This is the latest tool in our toolbox, necessitated by our increasing work in content management, educated through the acclaimed MakerSquare program. In addition to creating new websites (helping clients move from concept to completion), we can build onto, edit, or entirely revamp existing websites.

Event Planning

To be in the news, it sometimes requires planning and executing an event that is newsworthy. Our past event planning experience includes co-directing a number of performing arts events (including the five-day, multiple-venue National Poetry Slam), helping coordinate a product launch party for national media in New York City, helping coordinate a two-day conference and press event at the National Press Cub in Washington, D.C., as well as coordinating a number of press conferences and traditional and non-traditional book release events. We can (and often do) handle even the smallest details to see a successful event through.


For those companies and individuals looking to execute their own outreach and communication plans, we offer consultation services to help them map a course and follow it. We offer an initial $149 one-hour consultation session which includes a discussion of a client’s current PR and marketing efforts, and tips and strategies for media and social media outreach encapsulated in a written plan delivered within 48 hours of the initial session. We also offer individually-tailored consultations involving branding, messaging, idea generation, social media usage, and other topics specifically tailored to a client’s needs.