We'll help you tell your story

Orange Cone Agency is an Austin-based, full-service communications firm that works to create impactful results for our clients, combining hard work, sound strategy, and a genuine joy in what we do.

We offer our clients a range of ways in which to tell their stories. Our services include:

  •  media relations, internal communications and public relations,
  •  writing,
  •  ghostwriting,
  •  editing,
  •  content management (including blog management, website mapping, and website content creation),
  •  book and cookbook project management (including coordination with designers, photographers, and writers),
  •  social media management and consultation,
  •  digital strategies (including inventories of website and social media channel content),
  •  front-end web development,
  •  event planning,
  •  consulting, and
  •  general dot connecting.

In short, we've adapted to the ever-changing landscape of 21st century communications. Whether you're trying to connect with customers, donors, media, or collaborators, we're happy to navigate.

We’ve worked with a great number of amazing clients since launching in 2006, including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, authors, non-profit organizations, restaurants, and experts across a spectrum of professions. The scale of our public relations and communications campaigns range from full national campaigns, to regional campaigns, to finite projects focused on specific events and markets. We've worked with clients in Austin, San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country, Houston, and throughout the United States and Canada.

We've helped clients make their initial forays into the public sphere. We've helped clients with local acclaim make the leap to regional and national attention. We've helped clients with national and even international name recognition reach new levels of relevance and respect.


This is how we do it

Our media relations and social media outreach philosophy — still at the heart of what we do as an agency — is that the publicist should serve as a liaison between the client and the media, and our campaigns are specifically orchestrated to deliver the resonance, responsiveness, and targeted approach that journalists favor in their dealings with publicists.

Our consulting, writing, and strategy services either function as components of campaigns we conduct for clients, or give those who seek to execute their own outreach programs the tools and strategy to do so. Our content management and front-end web development services place a premium on SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion marketing.

In our media outreach work, we’ve placed clients with a number of the nation's best-known media outlets, inclduing the Associated Press, Bon Appetit, Food Network, Fox News Channel, Latino USA, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Newsweek, the New York Times, Reuters, Saveur, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. Our media outreach is based on sound PR principles: know what the media is covering, find ways in with our clients sync with their coverage needs, and reach out to them with a respectful persistence.